Rising above judgment | Gog and Magog

Today we will discover a connection between Noah’s flood narrative and the end of days judgment of the nations (Gog and Magog). Humanity can rise above this judgment by building a vessel of repentance and rise above judgment. Just as Noah built an ark of salvation so can we. It is a process of toil and struggle. The results will elevate us all in these troubling times. Have you even wondered why God give Noah the responsibility to build the ark? Of course, we can say he was the only one righteous enough to hear from G-D. But why did HaShem not just save the righteous? Why must humanity participate in building this vessel of salvation?

Almost every end-time teaching today has Gog/Magog invading Israel before the coming of Messiah. All the Biblical nations mentioned in this invasion have been matched up with today’s countries and are being carefully monitored. With Russia’s sudden reentry into the Middle East allied with Syria and Iran many are asking nervously, “is this Gog’s Axis of Evil?”

But could all our concern about Gog’s army be completely misplaced? The Bible only mentions Gog and Magog in two places: Ezekiel 38:1- 39:16 and Revelation 20:7-11. Ezekiel’s prophecy doesn’t give us a precise timing for Gog’s attack other than he will be summoned “in the latter years.” But John’s revelation is very specific. He places Gog’s invasion at the end of the 1000-year reign of Messiah.

So why are so many biblical prognosticators certain Gog will attack before Yeshua even gets here? Especially when the conditions needed to provoke his attack in Ezekiel’s prophecy depict the supernatural peace of the Messianic Age? Ezekiel’s prophecy describes an Israel – “restored from the sword, whose inhabitants are …all living securely, all of them…and without walls and having no bars or gates.” But how can that type of peace and security exist prior toYeshua coming and destroying Antichrist and the evil world system? (Rev. 19:11-21)

I know many believe Antichrist will trick Israel into accepting a false peace plan. But in today’s world, does anyone seriously think Israel would dismantle its nuclear deterrent, Iron Dome defense and world-class army and air force, and just kick back and raise sheep? I don’t care how beguiling Antichrist’s peace plan might be, Israel has learned its lesson about trusting any Gentile power with its security. Their slogan is, “Never again!”

I believe it’s time to reconsider some things. When we look at the preceding chapters in Ezekiel we see a succession of prophecies that must be fulfilled for this unprecedented peace and security to be present in Israel before the Gog/Magog invasion.

Starting in chapter 28: 24,25 we read the security starts after scattered Israel comes into the land, and all her enemies “who scorned them round about” are no more. God’s holiness will then be manifested in them “in the sight of all the nations.” Neither is the case today.

In chapter 34, we learn the scattered ‘sheep’ of BOTH Israel’s two kingdoms must be regathered, not just the descendants of Judah, and all living under one shepherd, Messiah. “And I will make a covenant of peace with them…and they will live securely and no one will make them afraid” (v. 25). Even harmful animals will be eliminated so the people “…may sleep in the woods.”

In chapter 37 we have the famous two-stick prophecy that graphically symbolizes the reunion of Judah and Israel under “My servant David.” And it states, “I will make a covenant of peace with them” – which results in Israel entering her Millennium rest with “…My sanctuary in their midst forever.”

That brings us to chapter 38 where we find this amazing peace now in place and Gog being summoned “after many days” to attack “the land restored from the sword” and those “who are at rest.” Surely this describes the millennial reign of Messiah when “the wolf will live with the lamb” (Isa. 11:6). And “nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again learn war” (Isaiah 2:4) – that is, until Satan is let loose one more time!

If so, whatever Russia’s presence might mean today, we know Gog won’t show up for at least another thousand years!

Maybe we should be focusing on what’s needed to bring about this awesome end-time peace and security – namely, the reunion of Judah and Israel. And if this growing fellowship of Zionist Christians and Jews today isn’t the start of that reunion, I don’t know what is.

Do We Need To Worry About Gog and Magog?

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