Virtual Torah Learning for Noahides 

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Virtual Torah Learning for Noahides 

Netiv Center for Torah Study was originally established to serve the greater North Houston area in 2010. It began with a handful of individuals seeking the treasures of Torah knowledge, who are not connected to a Jewish community. Rabbinical adviser Abraham Ben-Yaakov graciously guides our communities spiritual learning. Now we have moved all of our study opportunities online Via Zoom as Virtual Torah Learning for Noahides. Check out our photo stream on Facebook or read this article from the Jewish Chronicle, UK or AMI Magazine to learn more about us.

Our Purpose

Is to provide a live interactive Virtual Torah Learning for Noahides to study Torah with Orthodox Rabbis and Noahide teachers. These studies are held on Zoom with Noahides and Jews from around the world.

With a simple donation of 5 USD  or more per month: 

  • You will have full access to all classes each week.
  • VIP Studies presented by some of the best rabbis in the Jewish World.
  • Each class opens up with introductions followed by the Rabbi’s lecture. At the end of the class there is an opportunity to interact with the Rabbi and ask questions.
  • You will receive an email with the full version classes to watch or listen to.

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For those who do not want to join the Virtual Torah Learning for Noahides. The edited version of videos and audio will be hosted here at the Netiv website or on YouTube. All of our classes are hosted on several other platforms to include, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Libsyn Podcast Player, Player.FM.




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Rabbi Avraham Ben-Yaakov, Chief Advisor

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe, Rabbinical Advisor

Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe, Instructor 

Rabbi Dovid Weissman, Instructor

Rod Reuven Bryant, Director of Education and Counseling

Dayvaughn Mays, Instructor

Nicolas Pascal, Social Media

Steve Van Buraene, Instructor