Steve Van Bruaene Bio

Steve Van Bruaene

Walking Through Torah

Steve is a former elementary teacher and principal in Mishawaka, IN. At the age of 73 he and his wife Donna moved to Texas to be near his family. Or was there move to Montgomery Texas at 73 a G-d thing? Married for 52 years and now enjoying the life of retirement.

Steve felt drawn to the Torah for years. After hearing a man named Larry Borntrager talk about exploring the Cave of the Column near Qumran, Israel looking for the Ashes of the Red Heifer. Listening to Larry and meeting on occasion with Vendyl Jones he found himself moving away from my church life toward B’nei Noach and the Seven Laws. 

In our class Walking Through the Torah the focus will be sharing much of my new understandings of what the Scripture says from those who have preserved it for us for over 3,000 years. I will focus not on the whole weekly parsha, but only a part of it with the hope of introducing the student to new insights.