Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe

Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe is the Director of Outreach at TORCH. In that capacity, he has delivered hundreds of lectures and workshops on a wide range of subjects, including courses on Jewish History, Talmud, the weekly Parsha, and Jewish Philosophy and Theology.

Rabbi Wolbe is also a prolific podcaster, having recorded more than 700 episodes across his 6 chart-topping podcast channels: This Jewish Life, The Jewish History Podcast, The Parsha Podcast, Eternal Ethics, TORAH 101, and The Mitzvah Podcast.

Rabbi Wolbe is the author of several Hebrew-language works of advanced Talmudic scholarship, and a soon to be published English-language book on Jewish Philosophy and Eschatology.

He is married to Chaya Wolbe. They are the proud parents of Akiva, Yehoshua, Miriam, Shlomo, Yitzy, and Rivka.

Rabbi Wolbe can be found on and