Decoding The Matrix | Part Four

Follow Rabbi Yaakov Cohen in this epic learning experience concerning the connection between the movie Matrix and the ancient wisdom of Kabbala. We will examine the red pill of prayer. This is part four of this series.

When a person speaks with love and awe, the Sh’kinah longs for these words, like a mother who longs for her child to speak intelligently so that to be considered worthy in her husband’s eyes. So too, when such words arrive on high due to human efforts, they become adorments, and by their power great beauty is born, and all the angels proclain, ‘ Who is like Your people Israel, a unique nation’ (Chronicles 27:21). Therefore it is best that a person say at least one word of prayer with love and awe, for through this, one arouses all the angels to praise the blessed Holy One in song, and such a one arouses all the worlds, for when one serves the blessed Holy One, all the worlds serve Him. – Baal Shem Tov

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