Mankind | Part Three

Mankind Part Three
The Way of God chapter three, Paragraph 3-8.

There was to be a fundamental difference between our worldly experience and our Afterlife one — between the environment in which we struggle toward growth and perfection known as Olam Hazeh (“this world”), and the one in which we reap the fruits of our labors known as Olam Haba (“The World to Come”).

This world would need to be set-up in such a way that the inner struggle between the soul and the body could go on. That way materiality wouldn’t automatically hold sway over spirituality, and spirituality wouldn’t automatically dominate materiality. And while the latter would seem to be a good thing it actually isn’t, given that our goal of achieving spiritual perfection and drawing close to G-d on our own would be thwarted. And The World to Come needed to be the environment in which spirituality does indeed hold sway over materiality.

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