Mankind | Part Four

Mankind | Part Four is from Chapter three of “The Way of God”. This class will include paragraph 10-13.

One’s true reward will come about after the Resurrection of the Dead, and after the world would have been undone and redone — when body and soul would have been reunited, after the soul would have purified the body, and when both could then enjoy the great goodness of that reward.

Not everyone there would enjoy the same degree of reward, though, even when there. The more one struggled in this world to grow and perfect himself, the greater would his reward (and experience there) be. Since those efforts would determine the degree to which his body (and its associated aspects) would have been purified by his soul, and would also determine how “close they (i.e., body and soul in combination) would merit drawing to G-d, to basking in the light of His countenance, and to enjoying His true goodness” as Ramchal words it.

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