My Home My Sanctuary

In the complex fast paced world we live in it becomes more and more difficult to find a resting place. Is there a safe place where everything else becomes secondary? We have become accustom to the high pace and high anxiety lifestyle therefore painting the illusion that rest and peace are an enigma. During the boom of the industrial revolution there was an idea that machines were going to help mankind more be efficient and save time. Ironically we find that automation and technology has only made it more convenient to do more things in a day. Please do not think that I do not deeply appreciate the prosperity that comes from the modern age. The very fact that I am able to type this blog on my IPad while waiting on my next appointment demonstrates the blessing of multi-tasking. I am not here to downplay technology or the preach against the evils an over aggressive multi-tasking society.

In many ways I have become the poster child for the modern man. The pride of working many projects at once was the very energy of my existence. However there is a price to pay for this success. Years ago when my children were young. I remember walking into the house after a thirty day business trip. Expecting to receive the adulation of my children, I was greeted with a casual “hi dad” from my boys while they continued playing. It was then, I realized that I had to make a priority change if I were going to preserve a healthy relationship with my family and sustain a happy home.

Solutions to making your home a sanctuary.

1. Prioritize your time to Focus on family not material things.
2. Remember family that eat together keep together.
3. Treat the home as a sacred place.

  • avoid shouting matches with your spouse or children.
  • sibling rivalry should be respectful without violence.
  • build an environment of respect and honor.
  • keep promises.
  • above all practice faith.

In no way is this article in “The Path” meant to be a full step by step how to Manuel for making the home a sanctuary. There is a way to measure all your actions to assure a peaceful home. When you treat your home as a sacred space and expect others to do the same, you will find that true Shalom (peace) for your family.

©Reuven Dovid

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