Who Should Study Torah?

The Feast of Weeks, which celebrates receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, is a fitting time to consider the matter of Torah study. From time to time our rabbis encourage the community to study Torah, each leader in accordance with his audience and his views on the place of Torah study in our lives. Rabbi Yehudah Amital (1925-2010) headed the Har Etyon Hesder Yeshivah in Alon Shevut for some forty years. Below we present in brief some of his views on matters concerning Torah study and the world of the yeshivah.The importance of studying.

Sometimes Rabbi Amital spoke of the importance of studying Torah in our times. In his view, it was essential for every person – even the most simple – to be a talmid hakham, a diligent scholar of the Oral Law, and not settle for less by saying, “I am not a learned person.”

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