The Way Of God | Part Two

The Way Of God Part Two | Chapter Three, Paragraph 2-3.

Discover the cosmic condition had to exist if we were ever to achieve perfection on our own and to thus draw close to G-d, though. We humans had to have been comprised of two disparate phenomena: a body and a soul. Ramchal depicts the body as “earthly” and “murky”, and the soul as “intelligent” and “clear”.

Nonetheless, G-d decreed that there’d be a limit to our need to strive for perfection, after which we’d be recompensed . So there are two epochs of time over-all: that of humankind’s efforts and struggles, and that of its reward and recompense.

It’s in fact because G-d’s benevolence far exceeds His ill will when it comes to His interactions with us that He allowed for a limited amount of time for our efforts, and a countervailing never-ending amount of time for reward and on-going perfection.

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