Trait of holiness | Part Three

In this lecture “Trait of holiness | Part Three”. We have thus far spoken of Humility of thought. We shall now speak of Humility of deed. This latter area is divided into four parts: conducting oneself with lowliness, bearing insults, hating authority and fleeing honor, and apportioning honor to all men.

Conducting oneself with lowliness: This applies to one’s manner of speaking, walking and sitting, and to all of one’s movements. In relation to one’s speech our Sages of blessed memory have said (Yoma 86a), “A man should always speak gently with his fellow men.” And Scripture explicitly states (Ecclesiastes 9:17), “The words of the wise, spoken gently, are accepted.” One’s words must be words of honor and not words of shame, as it is said (Proverbs 11:12), “One who shames his friend is lacking a heart,” and (Ibid. 18:3), “When the wicked man comes, there also comes shame.”

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