The Nations Want To Know The Truth | Rabbi Karmi Ingber

Rabbi Karmi Ingber speaks on the concept of how the nations want the truth. As a pulpit Rabbi in Atlanta, he has seen many non-Jews who want to explore the original source of Jewish thought. He speaks of a shift that has taken place in nations.

Rabbi Karmi Ingber is an eclectic Rabbinic figure, who is known for his engaging style and his ability to bring out the good in every person. His inspiring services, with song and dance, open people up to experience Simchas Hachayim, the joy of the spiritual life. Rabbi Ingber’s speaking style is an enthralling experience, weaving lofty concepts with drama and humor. His teachings reflect his broad knowledge base with a specialty in mysticism, spirituality and personal growth. Rabbi Ingber lived in Israel for twenty years where he studied with leading sages and taught in many yeshivot and seminaries (centers for Torah study); including Aish Hatorah, Bircas Hatorah, Shearim Women’s College, Hebrew University Beis Midrash program, the Jerusalem Kollel to name a few. He also founded an outreach training organization for Rabbis called Talmidei Aharon (later known as Ner LeElef) where he trained over 300 people who serve Jewish communities throughout the world.

Rabbi Ingber attended N.Y.U. and has a master degree from Newport University in Counseling Psychology. He served as a staff member at the Shotz Family Counselling Center in Israel and combines his knowledge of psychology, Neuro-Linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and other counseling systems with his deep understanding of Torah and spirituality to translate wisdom into personal growth.

Rabbi Ingber is also a writer and an accomplished musician. His recently published book, “Where the Heavens Kiss the Earth; Mystical Insights for Personal Growth”, has been highly acclaimed by leading Rabbis and scholars and is becoming a sourcebook to teach the deeper aspects of Jewish thought. Rabbi Ingber was formerly a member of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band and formed his own band with ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ drummer, Artimus Pyle, called Remez. He is a singer/ songwriter and has released 2 CD’s, entitled “Message in a Dream” and “SaFire Sky”.

After Israel, Rabbi Ingber moved to Montreal where he founded the ‘Montreal Jewish Experience’ to connect Jews back to their heritage with exciting classes and programs. He then ‘flew south’, settled in Atlanta, Georgia and founded the Inner Spark Project with its numerous and diverse programs. Some of the programs include ‘The Kehilla Minyan’, a warm, vibrant and nurturing community synagogue, where people of all backgrounds are welcomed and inspired to reach their potential;
‘12 Tribes’, a National Jewish Young Adult program (with its Atlanta division called, Tribe Atlanta) connecting young adults through-out America;
‘American Noahide’ a program designed to teach people of all Nations the Universal Spiritual Laws. American Noahide is a partners with the ‘World Noahide Center’ in Jerusalem and Rabbi Ingber serves as the director of the RCA Atlanta Beis Din (Conversion Court)

Rabbi Ingber lives in the Atlanta neighborhood of Sandy Springs with his wife and children, while teaching and inspiring people in Atlanta and around the globe. He incorporates his Torah knowledge, psychology, music and other hobbies (which include sports and Tai Chi) to allow people of all backgrounds to experience the beauty of Torah.

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