Teshuvah: Rabbi Avraham Sutton

Rabbi Avraham Suttton teaches this short lesson on teshuva or repentance. In judaism it is returning to G-D. This is one of the most important aspects of prayer.

“Every human being has a soul, a pure piece of Godliness that distinguishes us from the animals. When we do something wrong, it is because the soul’s “voice” has become temporarily muted by the roar of the physical body. This confusion is what we call the “Yetzer Hara.” But our essence remains pure. We only need to make a few adjustments ― and we’re back on target!

This is the idea of teshuva. Teshuva literally means “return.” When we “do teshuva,” we examine our ways, identify those areas where we are losing ground, and “return” to our own previous state of spiritual purity. And in the process, we “return” to our connection with the Almighty as well”. – Aish

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