Tehillim Series | Psalms Five

Psalm 5
1To the conductor with melodies, a song of David.
2When I call, answer me, O God of my righteousness; in my distress You have relieved me, be gracious to me and hearken to my prayer.
3Sons of man, how long will my honor be disgraced? [How long] will you love futility? [How long] will you constantly seek lies?
4You shall know that the Lord has set apart the pious man for Himself; the Lord shall hear when I call out to Him.
5Quake and do not sin; say [this] in your heart on your bed and be forever silent.
6Offer up sacrifices of righteousness and trust in the Lord.
7Many say, “Who will show us goodness?” Raise up over us the light of Your countenance, O Lord.
8You gave joy into my heart from the time that their corn and their wine increased.
9In peace together, I would lie down and sleep, for You, O Lord, would make me dwell alone in safety.

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