Spidey Senses

By April Cobb

We had recently moved into our new house when one day my husband comes into the room holding a spider with a pair of tweezers. “Take a good look at this spider, it is extremely venomous,” he said. He had found a brown recluse in our bathroom, which totally freaked me out. In the days that followed we went about our day carefully looking around in our shoes before we put them on, in dark cabinets before sticking our hand in, and in our bed before going to sleep. I was on a mission to diligently seek out these spiders as if my life depended on it because, in my mind, it actually did.

After a few days of doing this, I realized, this is how we should be in our relationship with Hashem. We should be going about our day actively pursuing a connection to Hashem in everything we do. Not only upon awaking and saying Modei Ani and going to sleep with the Bedtime Shema but in everything we put our minds and hands to throughout the day. From how we interact with co-workers to how we instruct our children; we should consistently search for the path of Hashem. Seeking out the dark places within our beings and allowing the light of Torah to illuminate them and bring life. I am grateful to Hashem for the amazing lesson I’ve learned from the searching of the spiders. May you be encouraged and strengthened in your day to day search for a deeper connection to Hashem.

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