Resting in the Storm

A few years ago during one of the famous hurricanes in the Southern United States, I found myself with one of my sons weathering the storm in a metal building, “resting in the Storm“. It was in the third floor that we attempted to sleep. Having been up for over twenty hours preparing for the storm we were both extremely tired. Out of the kindness of a local fire department we were allowed to sleep in a room upstairs.

Going to sleep was easy. The edge of the storm was still two hours away. Both of us quickly fell asleep. However, four hours later I was awakened to the sound of the metal roof buzzing like one hundred kazoo players at a party. I felt any moment the roof could come apart. Laying there I contemplated my response if the roof were to rip off. Finally the walls began to creak under the pressure of one hundred fifteen mile and hour wind. I knew that it was time to go downstairs and take cover.

Calling out to my son, Michael……Michael, Michaeeeeeeeeel.  I got no response. I only hear the deep breathing of an open mouthed, drooling teenager sleeping as if he were in bed at home. From the simple army cot on which, I was resting, I got up and went over to my son. I shook him slightly to wake him up and I explained that we should go down stairs and finish waiting the storm out. Half mumbling and cross eyed, he said;  thats all right, I’m fine up here.  Because he refused to join me I felt compeled to stay upstairs with him.  As I lay there I began to contemplate our bravery or foolishness.  I guess that would be determined by the outcome on the other end of the storm.

I asked my son after the whole drama played out; “were you not concerned about the noise“? He responded, “what noise”? It was then I realized, It wasn’t his bravery that keep him in bed sleeping like a drunk in the park, but rather it was peace in his rest that kept him in the storm.

As we journey this life we will weather many storms.  We will all risk danger and trauma. But there is a place of rest all of us can have. This kind of rest comes from who you are resting in. You see Michael wasn’t to worried about the storm because he was a brave lad, but rather he was resting in peace because he was with his father. When we all draw close to the heart of God we find a place of rest (Shalom) that will carry us through any storm. Instead of obsessing with the storms of life, realize there is One, blessed be He, who mightier that the storm.  He is our Father full of mercy. Take time to seek a deeper relationship with God and discover the joy of intimacy. He will give you peace and rest in the storm.

Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters[a] were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.

Psalm 107:28-30

©Reuven Dovid

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