Rescue In The Philippines

Rescue in the Philippines is a true story of Jewish light to the nations. This video will explain the connection that Jews and the State of Israel has with the Philippines. This explains why Israel was one of the first nations to rush life giving aid to this devastated country.

“Facing devastation and destruction compounded by mind-numbing humidity and heat, a delegation of some 150 members of the IDF’s Home Front Command have “set up shop” in Bogo, a poor agricultural town on Cebu Island in the Philippines. 

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, thought to be the most powerful storm ever to hit land, which has left about 4,000 dead and two million displaced or homeless, the IDF delegation situated itself in an abandoned and wrecked hospital, repaired the caved-in roof and began triage on hundreds of victims, most of them suffering dehydration, diarrhea, fever or respiratory problems.


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