The Path of the Just: Acquiring Watchfulness III

This week in The Path of the Just Acquiring Watchfulness III we will discuss chapter four of the book. We will learn that the general populace will be motivated towards Watchfulness through a recognition of the depth of judgment in relation to reward and punishment. In truth, one should continuously tremble and shiver, for who will abide the Day of Judgment, and who will be deemed righteous before his Creator, whose scrutiny dissects all things, small and great. As our Sages of blessed memory have said (Chagigah 5b), ” `And He relates to a man his conversation’ (Amos 4:13). Even a casual conversation between a man and his wife is related to him at the time of judgment.” And, similarly, (Yevamoth 121b), ” `And around Him it storms violently’ (Psalms 50: 3). This teaches us that the Holy One Blessed be He judges His saints to the degree of a hair’s-breadth” [an inference derived from the structural relationship between “storms” and “hair” in the Hebrew].

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