North American Noahide Magazine | August 1 2019

After three long months of planning, collaborating, and gathering together stories from all over North America, I am honored to present to you the first edition of NAN Magazine. I hope you receive it with great joy.
Those contributing articles in this first edition, I hold as trustworthy and honest in their love for Hashem and their commitment to the Noahide path. Please, greet them kindly on social media and thank them for their involvement, as they always have a kind word to share.
I would also like to thank Rabbi Michael Skobac for contributing, along with my Rabbi, Chaim Goldberg, and especially Rabbi Ouri Cherki the founder of the World Noahide Center in Jerusalem. All the hard work you great teachers do, inspire us to draw closer to Hashem.
Feel free to share this abundantly, or even to embed it on to your blog, social media, or website… but most of all, read the kindness within and show support for those involved… aid in making this a successful venture, so that we may continue to provide future editions and get others involved… until the Moshiach arrives and settles all issue.
Sincerely the Editor:
Dan Barwell

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