Netiv Virtual Membership

Netiv Virtual Membership

Thank you for checking into the Netiv Virtual Membership. Netiv Center for Torah Study has had a major impact on the worldwide community. Over 40.000.00h hits per month, from 162 countries visit Netiv to download Torah Lectures, commentaries, and blogs on faith, family and, marriage. Now you can participate in expanding outreach to the nations with Universal Torah Widom.

Since Netiv started in 2013 we have expanded to four locations in the US and Canada. G-D willing we will help to establish more centers in North America as well as South Africa and the United Kingdom.

For only $5.00 USD per month, your can help to bring the knowledge of Torah to the nations and enhance your learning at the same time on Netiv.  Yes, that is right. For $5.00 USD per month, you will help to support the Netiv outreach project and enhance your journey with exclusive content not offered to any other than the Virtual Member.

With your membership, you will receive exclusive monthly content:

  • Audio Q&A of each weekly class.
  • Rap sessions with Reuven Dovid and various Rabbis.
  • Special video coaching classes dealing with issues of leaving your religion and connecting to Judaism.
  • Video sessions dealing with the question of the week from our Virtual Members.
  • Direct access to our Director of Education on matters of life and faith via a special phone connection.
  • The material on conversion.
  • The material on how to study the Torah.