Loving G-d | Perfecting Divine Service

In Loving G-d | Perfecting Divine Service, we discuss how Moses related to the men who were sent to explore the land of Canaan.
Every person is fit to be righteous like Moshe our teacher, or wicked like Yerovam…. There is no one who compels him, decrees upon him, or leads him to either of these two paths. Instead, it is he on his own initiative and thought who tends to the path he desires….
This principle is a fundamental concept and a pillar [on which rests] the Torah and its commandment, as it is written: “Behold! I have set before you today life [and good, death and evil,]”… i.e., the choice is yours.
The exercise of free choice lies at the heart of our Divine service. We have the option of carrying out G-d’s will, or ignoring it, Heaven forbid. Our challenge is to “choose life,” living our lives as He desires them to be led.

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