L’maancha: Eitan Katz Live in Jerusalem

Be inspired… this clip of L’maancha, sung by hundreds of guys together with Eitan Katz, give you a taste of what it was like at the live album recording earlier this year.
For More Information on this CD: CLICK HERE.

Eitan Katz – L’maancha Submitted by Aryeh Sklar

Part 1

Lemaancha Elokeinu Aseh V’lo Lanu Re’eh Amidaseinu Dalim V’reikim

Part  2

Haneshamah Lach V’haguf Palach Chusah Aamalach Haneshamah Lach

Eitan Katz- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jeremy Brown- Violin
Gilad- Percussion
Yitzchak Attias- Percussion
Koby Klar- Bass
Tal Naeh- Guitar
Videography- Eldad Eilat, Ora-Le-Nehora Productions

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