Korach | Exposing the inner rebellion


In Korach | Exposing the inner rebellion, we examine the text of Number 16-17 to find the detailed reasons for Korach’s rebellion against Moshe. In the light of the text we explore the idea that in each person is a hidden Korach rebellion. Rooting this rebellion out is very important.

Korach is one of the leading Levites, but instead of enjoying his position, he prefers to ridicule Moses’ leadership and attempts to set up an alternative leadership. He faces the nation and, challenging the monarchy of Moses, proclaims: “The entire nation is holy and why do you Moses lord over us?” (Numbers 16:3) This clarion call for “justice and equality” resonates with modern man. However, after a showdown at the Tabernacle at high noon – using incense burners rather than colt 45s – Korach’s true egotistical motives are revealed to all. The rebellion fails and he and his followers are swallowed alive by the earth.

For a deeper understanding of these events, we need to explore:

  1. Who was Korach? How did he have the stature to rebel against Moses so that people would actually listen?
  2. What provoked him to begin this rebellion?
  3. If Moses had led the Jewish people out of Egypt, plagues, through the Red Sea, and to Mount Sinai, how did Korach manage to convince anyone to rebel against Moses?
  4. Why was Korach’s punishment to be swallowed alive by the earth?

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