Keeping a Good Mood

One of the most important attitudes for success is developing and keeping a good mood.  One with a good mood is able to maintain focus and inspire others.

“There is nothing you can do to prevent the bird of unhappiness from flying over your head. But you can prevent it from nesting in your hair”. 

―  Chinese Proverb

There are many ways to go from a bad mood to a good one; however, it is wise to work out why you are in a bad mood.

  • You may be sensitive to the lack of sunlight and become depressed. This may be improved with special lighting.
  • You may become frustrated when you feel that you have lost control of some area of you life. Look at how many areas you have control over.
  • You may have a problem you cannot seem to work through and complaining is your way of asking for help. Define the problem and ask for help working out a solution instead of complaining.
  • You may be naturally moody and need to work on not unloading on your friends. You may decide to isolate yourself until your mood changes
  • You may believe that you are a victim and feel overwhelmed and helpless. Get your mind off yourself. You are only a victim if you decide you are. It’s your choice.

“They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea”. Francis Bacon, essayist, philosopher, and statesman (1561-1626)

Your attitude toward yourself and toward life may be the underlying problem. Once you take care of the real problem, bring your mood back up with the following suggestions.

  • DISTRACT YOURSELF. Play with a toy, game, or computer. Watch a funny movie.
  • EAT DARK CHOCOLATE. It provides seretonin to the brain. Do not binge. That will make you feel guilty and the caffeine and sugar will create mood swings.
  • DO SOMETHING FOR OTHERS. Get your mind off yourself. Send a card to a friend. Volunteer.
  • DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL. A quick walk releases endorphins and gives you something pleasant or interesting to look at.
  • TALK TO SOMEONE WHOM YOU ENJOY. Avoid people who upset or depress you. Play with children.
  • LISTEN TO MUSIC. There is great classical music available that helps your body relax.
  • GET A MASSAGE. Nothing is better to relax you and put you in a good mood.
  • RELAX. Take time out for yourself. Pamper yourself. See Achieve Peace of Mind, page 42.
  • INDULGE YOUR BAD MOOD. Wallow in self-pity, but only for a day. Make a conscious decision that tomorrow you will wake up and have a good life. You will no longer feel sorry for yourself. You are a winner, not a loser, a victor, not a victim.
  • PLAY WITH YOUR PET. Stroking, petting a cat or dog gets your mind off yourself and does wonders to help you physically and mentally.
  • LOOK AT POSITIVE STATEMENTS. There are negative situations that you may not be able to change, but you can think about positive things. Others have overcome obstacles. Listen to the words of wisdom they have to offer.


  • How do you improve your mood now?
  • Does it work?
  • Do you want to improve your mood or do you get some enjoyment out of complaining about your life?
  • Are you willing to try new ways to improve your mood?

©B. Eddy

[box type=”bio”] Betty Eddy is a published author and member of the Netiv community. Her work as a life coach has given her unique insight into self help. In her book “Untying the Knots of Life” she deals with concepts which guides the reader though self discovery. [/box]


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