A Jewish critique of the New Testament | Rabbi Skobac

A JEWISH CRITIQUE OF THE NEW TESTAMENT: Why Judaism Doesn’ Accept Christian Scriptures, with Rabbi Michael Skobac

Christian missionaries insist that the New Testament is the inerrant word of God and the fulfillment of the Jewish Bible, the Tenach, which Christians mis-name the “Old Testament”. In this special 2-hour lecture, Rabbi Michael Skobac offers a critical examination of the New Testament scriptures from a traditional Jewish perspective.

JEWS FOR JUDAISM counters the efforts of Christian missionary groups that target Jews, the impact of cults, eastern religions, assimilation and other challenges to Jewish continuity. We strengthen Jewish pride and identity and win back Jews who have been influenced by missionaries & cults. We offer FREE educational programs, materials & counseling that connect Jews to the spiritual depth, beauty, wisdom & truth of Judaism. For help, please contact: RabbiSkobac@JewsForJudaism.ca

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