Humankind in this World | Part Two

Humankind in this World | Part Two

The way of God, Section II Chapter Two, Paragraph 5-7

Delving into it even more so we see that while the reward and punishment system we’d depicted above is certainly rooted in Divine Justice, it’s also based on the realities of the human condition. For as we explained, our actions affect our very beings aside from our spiritual status, making us either more perfected and exalted or sullied and faulty, in perfect proportion to those actions.

Now, the mostly-righteous person who managed to accrue a lot of spiritual splendor and stature has nonetheless also become somewhat sullied from the few sins he’d committed, and he’s thus not yet ready to attach himself onto G-d’s presence. So G-d mercifully decreed that he’d be purified by the kinds of trials and tribulations calibrated to remove the impurity from him. Then he’d be pure enough to enjoy that great reward.

Just know, however, that one would have to experience the exact degree of purification that would correspond to his status. Know, too, that sometimes the cleansing process can’t be carried on a physical level so it must be done on a spiritual one. It’s just that we can’t fathom the very many calculations that go into all of that.

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