Good News Travels Fast

In november of 2011, Netiv center for Torah study started a web site to provide online teaching, articles and inspiration for those looking to engage in the study of Torah. Little did we know that the interest of a local community of lovers of G-D would turn out to be a worldwide phenomenon. Good news travels fast in our modern world of technology.

A small diverse group of individuals began meeting weekly to explore concepts of Torah from a Jewish perspective. With in a few months the gathering grew into a vibrant community of G-D lovers. Early on we recognized that each person is on their own journey to connect to the G-D of Abraham. By focusing on the universal truths of the word of G-D, a spark has ignited the hearts of those attended the class. This small spark has now turned into a flame fueled by the wisdom of Torah.

Within a couple of years this small community of the faithful has inspired thousands to begin their own search for godliness. People from all walks of life access our website to get insight and inspiration. Little did we know that there were so many yearning to know G-D through His timeless Torah. Thousands from over ninety countries have turn to Netiv to engage their hearts and minds in the study of G-Ds word. What started out as a simple website to connect our local community has now become a source of inspiration for individuals from all of over the world. It is evident we are living in a unique period of history. While the world is shaken by chaos, struggle and darkness the light of HaShem is shining through those who are seeking to find hope and peace.

Communities Connecting to Netiv

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The prophets declare, a day is coming when people from the nations will come to Mt Zion to seek G-D. “Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.” (Zachariah 8:23) Unlike any other time in history non-jews are seeking for answers through the faith of Abraham. A quite revolution is taking place in the hearts and minds of many who turn to true wisdom. It seems G-D has breath upon the nations and waking the souls of the faithful. Are you one who for some unexplainable reason deeply desires to study Torah? If so, you are one of countless individuals seeking truth. You don’t have to be Jewish to study Torah. The Netiv community encourages you to set aside all of your preconceived ideas of G-D and engage in knowing Him for yourself. This is accomplished through taking on the yoke of heaven and the study of Torah. Remember, it takes a spark to start a flame. You have the divine spark within, now is the time to fan the flame of faith. Like Abraham, G-D is calling you to abandon your surroundings and start a journey of discovery. If you are not sure where to start, feel free to contact us or join our community. If you are not able to personally attend weekly classes then connect to the community via the internet.

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