G-D is One. . .

There are many ancient religions out there.  This is a fact none can deny.  So what separates us from the rest of the world.  Is it the way we walk?  The way we talk?  The way we eat?  The friends we choose?  No.  None of those.  Rather, all of those, at the same time.  Because when we utilize the one thing in this reality that actually does set us apart from everyone else, everything else (how we walk, talk, act, even eat) falls under that giant umbrella.

So what is this great sanctification?  The belief in One, True God.  This is the reality that people the people of God are connected to that make them who they are.  It’s a reality that is so far beyond any knowledge or wisdom we could ever hope to fully attain while still tied to the mundane nature of this present world.  In fact, connectedness to this source of Godliness is the only reality, and the sanctification comes from the application of the awareness of this absolute truth.

For this reason, many people, when they arise in the morning, after thanking The Source for restoring their soul from sleep, they raise their hand, still heavy from the drowsiness of night, cover their faces, and take a sigh of relief as they say the words, “Hear, O Israel, The LORD Our God, The LORD is One.”  In fact, people have been praying this short verse for thousands of years.  It could almost be said that, because this prayer is prayed in the morning and evening which comes at different times across the world, someone somewhere is praying this prayer 24 hours a day.  In this simple verse, found in Deuteronomy, the absolute truth of creation, of everything, is unlocked.

The only thing that has sustained The Almighty’s people since the dawn of creation is the fact that He is One.  There is only one God.  He’s not an old man with a white beard, sitting on a throne somewhere in the sky.  He’s more than that.  In fact, He’s so infinite and awe-inspiring that a definition of Him seemingly unattainable.  In The Scriptures, many times, we see the angels are only able to say “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh,” (“Holy, Holy, Holy,”) as if, in the midst of His presence these Heavenly hosts are rendered absolutely speechless save for the simple statement of His attribute of being absolutely. . . other.

Our God, The God, is One.  There is none like Him.  Therefore, awareness of this truth must be a foundation of faith itself.  But don’t be fooled.  It is not something that is easily attained.  Many, if not most, spend their entire lives reaching up at this truth which, to the rest of the world, is simply not even conceived.  Yet, therein lies the crux of the matter, and the key to personal holiness.  Realize that your soul yearns simply to be aware of something that most are not aware of, and by this realization you can truly seek The One G-D, because knowing what your looking for is farther than most people that don’t even know that they’re looking.

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