Give Us a King

Just recently there was the birth of an English royal child; Son of Prince William and Lady Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was born. Hundreds of Britons and tourists broke into song and dance outside the palace as officials announced that the future king arrived at 4:24 p.m., weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces, at central London’s St. Mary’s Hospital – the same place where William and his brother Harry were born three decades ago. Media outlets from across the world sent reporters to the the United Kingdom to witness the birth of the latest future King of England. This excitement reverberated around the world. Even in countries whose politics and philosophy differ, there was a great sense of honor toward the new born future king.
Rosh Hashanah we declare our King. A basic theme of Rosh Hashanah is that it achieves the coronation of G-d as king of Israel and king of the universe, as expressed in our heartfelt prayer and request: “Reign over the entire world!” [1] We enter the time of HaShem’s appointed days to call upon our King. Having full confidence in Divine sovereignty we appeal to the King of the universe for a blessed new year. Just as the world is captivated with the birth of a new born son of the English throne, we find ourselves captivated in the chessed (loving kindness) of our King.
Kings, presidents, prime ministers, and dictators come and go, but the people of G-D have always had one king. One who is sovereign, omnipresent, and full of compassion. Not just once a year, but everyday we accept the yoke of heaven. Especially those who recite the Shema in the morning and evening prayers. Everyday we declare who the King of our lives is by reminding ourselves of His oneness and His Torah. Because G-D is our king we live our lives according to His will.
G-D is not just king of the Jews he is the King of all creation. Those in the nations who attach themselves to the yoke of heaven will make the G-d of Abraham their king. If one accepts G-D as their sovereign King, then he is a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. If you desire to attach yourself to the king of the universe, then accept that there is only one G-D and He has one Torah (set of instructions) revealed to Moshe.
There is a great story about the “King in the field” which has been told for centuries. The story states that each year during Rosh Hashanah G-D comes to His people like a king who leaves his royal abode to meet his subjects. Why would our king come to us in the field? The Eternal One our king comes to us each year to observe our state and to observe our situation of life. It is at this very moment His people express their desires, to request blessing as faithful subjects. Each year of Rosh Hashanah is liken to this story.
Who is your king? Is the blessed One, your King? Have you accepted the yoke of heaven? If your answer yes, then you are ready to meet the King of the Universe. He is walking in the field of your life ready to hear your plea. Call upon Him. Let G-D know your desire to draw close to Him. Cry out to Him in repentance. Express your desire to receive from Him the blessings of life. Do not let this appointed time pass without meeting the King. This Rosh Hashanah you can meet your King. Rediscover your relationship with the King of Eternity.
©Reuven Dovid

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