The Fundamental Principles of Reality | Part Two

The Fundamental Principles of Reality | Part Two
The Way of G-D | Chapter one, Paragraph 2-3

In reality, G-d can comprehend His true Being; we simply cannot. But to fully understand that we’d need to point out that there are two perspectives from which to approach G-d: first, as He is Himself, within His own Essential Being, where He’s said to be “transcendent” (beyond us); and second, as He is when He relates to His created phenomena and is said to be “imminent” (close to us).

Ramchal goes on to say that what we do know about Him as He is, though, is that He’s “utterly whole” and lacks for nothing. That is, that He’s utterly self-contained and self-sufficient, utterly independent.

G-d’s existence is “imperative” — “He simply couldn’t not exist”, if we or anything else are to exist. Let’s explain these ideas.

By definition, an imperative is either a “prerequisite”, or something that’s “absolutely required”. When we think of a “prerequisite” or something “absolutely required”, we’re immediately drawn back to school, where there were always prerequisite courses we had to take before we could either go further on or graduate. With that in mind we’ll take the expression that G-d’s existence is “imperative” to mean that He simply has to exist if anything else is to follow and to advance. So, “G-d simply couldn’t not exist” because if He didn’t exist nothing else could either exist from the first or go onward.

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