Does GOD Love?

Does G-D Love Me?

It doesn’t matter if one is religious or secular, the question, “does G-D love me” must become a major point of consideration.  In twenty-five years of spiritual leadership, I have found that this question is common even among the most “pious.”  One common thread I have found with all who have felt this way, to include myself, is, in fact, the source of this pondering.

In most cases, it comes from a multitude of sources, but never from G-D.  Over and over The Torah defines G-D as love itself.  He is full of compassion and mercy.  We are reminded of the long suffering He shows to His people.  How then, do we come to a place where we question G-D’s love for us?  The first, obvious answer comes from the simple fact that we are, indeed, aware of our own failings. We recognize our lack of holiness compared to the holiness of HaShem, bless be He.  Our natural inclination coerces us into understanding, in human way, something that can, and should, only be understood in a Divine way. When, however, we allow this natural inclination to press upon us this unnecessary (that’s right, it’s unnecessary) guilt, it’s easy to come up with the notion that our lack of perfection somehow makes The Creator angry with us.  The cycle continues as we go on to think that, if he’s angry with my lack of Torah observance, then surely he must not love me.  Of course, it does not help to have a society filled with so-called “religious people” reminding us of our inability to measure up to the Holy One.

The fact is

G-D loves us in spite of our actions.  Nevertheless, He measures our love for Him based on our actions.  This means HaShem has invested heavily in His creation! When His creation fulfills its purpose, it is reflecting the love of G-D.  How do we know G-D loves us?  We know the Creator loves us because He has given us Torah (instructions).  Proverbs 3:11-13 states,  “My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the LORD reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights. His love is demonstrated by His compassion, instructions and discipline. We matter to Him, thats how we know He loves us.  The creator invested His divine nature in us, demonstrating His vested interest and love.  We know that he loves us because he has givens us guidelines to live out our designed purpose. When we fail to live out our divine purpose, we effect G-D’s creative purpose.  The truth of the matter is this, instead of questioning whether G-d’s love for us, we should be asking ourselves do we love Him. Remember, one can truly discover the love of G-D by loving Him with all their heart.

©Reuven Dovid

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