Consider Orthodox Conversion?

Consider Orthodox Conversion

By William Bouker, Copyright 2017 by:

Converting to Judaism is not something one decides to do on a whim. There are many factors which must be considered before making the final decision. There are questions which you must ask yourself and answer honestly.

Many of the people who are converting to Judaism are those who have come out of Christianity. Although there are others, I can only address those with whom I share a common background. You will have to get up close and personal with what you actually believe before you set out on this journey. Remember, when HaShem offered the Torah to the Israelites at Sinai, their response was, “na’aseh v’nishma“ or “we will do and we will hear.” Many of the things you will learn to do from the rabbi with whom you choose to work are things that you may not be able to fully grasp yet. Just like the ancient Israelites, you must learn what to do before the full understanding can be revealed to you. In other words, you learn from doing.

Conversion to Judaism is basically taking upon yourself the yoke of the Law. That is to say, you are agreeing to forever keep all of the commandments which apply to you or may apply to you in the future. Leaving your former religion is not a valid reason to convert to Judaism. Searching for truth is a good reason to study Judaism, but this is also not a reason to convert. Only you can make this decision and only you can really know the reason. If you are at the point in the decision-making process where you are seriously considering it, know that you might face several issues. If you are determined to go forward, it might help you to know a few things. Read more: CLICK HERE

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