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Passover Jam

This outstanding group of young artest “Six13” sing about Pesach in this humoris and entertaining video.  Watch more of their videos or go to their website  CLICK HERE

Laws Of Idolatry | Rambam’s Mishneh Torah | Part Twelve

The Mishneh Torah (Hebrew: מִשְׁנֵה תּוֹרָה‎, “Repetition of the Torah”), subtitled Sefer Yad ha-Hazaka (ספר יד החזקה “Book of the Strong Hand”), is a code of Jewish religious law (Halakha) authored by Maimonides (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, also known as RaMBaM or “Rambam”). The Mishneh Torah was compiled between 1170...

Blotting Out Amalek

Rabbi Oliver shares the idea of how the righteous non-Jew can help to blot out the name of Amalek and live a life connected to HaShem. Amalek, is a name of a nomadic nation...

Israel Among the Nations

Rabbi Abraham Greenbaum is special guest speaker at a meeting of Americans for a safe Israel in Brooklyn New York.  The three thought provoking videos provides a unique perspective on those living in diaspora. Rabbi Greenbaum also share his...