Building Your Inner Temple


Rod Bryant discusses the manner which an individual can build your inner temple. the construction of the Sanctuary serves to atone for the Sin of the Golden Calf. The construction of the Sanctuary brought about the indwelling of the Divine Presence within each and every individual, as it is written”1 “And you shall make Me a Sanctuary, and I will dwell within” “within each and every individual.”2 G-d dwells within every individual through his efforts to make his personal environment a Sanctuary for G-d. –

1. Shmos 25:8.

2. See Likkutei Torah, the beginning of Parshas Naso; Reishis Chochmah (Shaar HaAhavah, ch. 6) and the Sheloh, Shaar HaOsios, Os Lamed, Maseches Taanis, entry MeiInyan HaAvodah; Parshas Terumah, Torah Or, pgs. 325b, 326b.

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