Adon Olam: Rabbi Zalman Weiss

Adon Olam A Search For Meaning is written by Rabbi Zalman Weiss. Rabbi Weiss has been involved in helping over 200 potential converts learn about Orthodox Judaism and prepare for their Beis Din appearances. Their journeys, their spiritual quests, re-ignited his own search for answers, as he himself admits.Eventually his research led him to the ancient prayer of Adon Olam, finding, to his surprise, that the answers to all of his students’ questions about faith had been skillfully woven into the few, short stanzas of that prayer. Over the next eight and one- half years, his findings and conclusions took the form of this present volume, a teaching novel, which elucidates these answers within the framework of a narrative. The stories contained herein are mostly true. They reflect real-life experiences and questions of Rabbi Weiss and his students. As is customary with such narratives, their names and identities have been changed.

Adon Olam Rabbi Weiss

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