Acquire a Rabbi

The disciple of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the Reb Noson concluded by quoting the Mishnah, “Acquire a Rabbi and K’neh, buy, a friend” (Avos 1:6). Reb Noson explained, ‘Acquire a Rav’: A person needs a Rav to advice Him. But if there is no Rav, then ‘K’neh a friend’: The Kaneh, the pen, should be your friend––you should immerse yourself in the writings of the true Tzaddikim. [Through Fire and Water book, chapter ‘Straight to the Rebbe’––Reb Noson).

This quote from Reb Noson, of blessed memory, gave us two important lessons:

First, when separated from a teacher, we must use the resources available, the internet books of study or more. We have to be extremely resourceful. If one has access to a tzaddik even if it not in person, one can to learn the lessons with him by reading and studying the articles on his website. By sending questions via Email to clarify some important points of life and faith we will find it very beneficial. This is essential if one wants to receive advice from a Tzaddik, to guide and correct our ways.

Secondly, “you should immerse yourself in the writings of the true Tzaddikim”, because the tzaddik possess righteous counsel and faithful advice, when we apply what we have learned, our eyes will be opened to serve God. There are many obstacles and difficulties in Divine Service. Do not be discouraged, grab ahold of the teachings of a Tzaddik, delving into every word, every lesson.  In doing so we will be able to connect to our source in HaShem.

The evil inclination can make us think, “even though I have worked hard for spiritual development with the holy Torah, I cannot, I fall sometimes …“; The Rebbe says: ‘One who guards the Covenant in purity will come to perceive the source of all the blessings that flow into the world, spiritual and material. This root is pure, radiant light. When one attains this perception, all gross material desires simply disappear’. [The Essential Rabbi Nachman book, published by Azamra Institute].

From the great land of Brazil we who love Torah and Israel want to encourage our brother and sisters to strive for perfection and holiness before the King. May we all study, pray, and fill our lives with mitzvah as we wait for the finial redemption.

By Gilson-Sasson Journal Mitzvah Brazil

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