A Call To Live: Torah Guidance on Healing

Torah Guidance On Healing

After several months of physical pain Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum began a personal journey to understand healing through Torah wisdom. Which he compiled in a master work of instruction called “Wings of The Sun” a clear, informative study of Torah teachings on healing, providing sound yet easily understood explanations of profound kabbalistic concepts together with a wealth of practical guidance for those facing illness or caring for the sick. While on a north american tour to share the lessons of this book, he realized the need for a companion book which could condense the basic principles.  This is when he sat down to  write “A Call To Live” Torah Guidance on Healing. “Behind the distress and frustration of illness lies a deeper message. It is a call to live! There is no more effective way to encourage the healing process than by deciding to live life to the full extent that you can now. Making this decision is one of the most important steps you will take to recovery.” Click Here to Order the book. You can read it online for free at Azamra.org

“A beautiful book of eternal wisdom and truth. It will inspire people to actually heal their lives.”
-Bernie Siegel MD

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